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Visual Communication and Brand Designer

vidhi doshi

I am a graphic designer with seven years of experience in branding, packaging, digital media, and advertising. I like to play with embroidery, lino printing, eco dyeing. I support handicrafts, handloom, crafts, anything that uplifts the artisans of India. These crafts are my passion and also integral to my creative process. By experimenting with different materials and techniques, I have gained a deeper understanding of colour, texture, and composition, which I try to incorporates in my design.


Bombay Sweet Shop

Branding | Logo Design

Bombay Sweet Shop is an innovative mithai shop by Hunger Inc., the company behind The Bombay Canteen and O Pedro. In their recipes, age-old tradition joins forces with unmatched presentation and flavours. 


Rebranding | Packaging

An artisanal brand of spices by Future Group, Arqa sources organic spices from 12 countries around the globe. Every product is a culinary and sensory exploration of nostalgia, taste and global flavours,

Asset 1-8.png
APC_1502-Edit copy.jpg

Cookery Studio

Branding | Logo Design | Stationery Design | Space Design

The Studio is a curated space for food enthusiasts to come together and explore their culinary interests with events, classes and certificate courses.

CinCin Blush

Packaging Design

A fresh twist on the regular rosé, CinCin's Blush is light, breezy and boozy

Screenshot 2022-04-14 at 11.05_edited.jpg


Branding | Logo Design

OttoFed aims to bring fresh produce to every home in India. Reusing old container boxes to make micro-farms, the brand enables individuals to grow and maintain their own hydroponic vegetables.


Packaging Design

A homegrown brand looking to expand its market foothold, NDF redesigned their packaging with one goal: health can be fun too.

OH Club-Logo-04.jpg

OncoHappy Club

Branding | Logo Design

Oncohappy is an NGO focusing on enabling holistic help for underprivileged cancer patients. OncoHappy Club was made for the donors to have a more cohesive point of contact with the NGO.


Branding | Logo Design | Packaging

Tilt is a women's only underwear brand with one goal: comfort over everything. Using softer, more absorbent materials made from natural fibres, Tilt is here to make every day a little more comfortable.



Logo Design

Badnaam is YouTube Channel that talks about all things uncomfortable.  The brief was to create something that looks innocent but shocks people when they look closer.


Brand Design | Logo Design | Stationery Design

Masters in creating personalised art collection journeys, FAQ ART provides end-to-end services such as art discovery, exploration, expert advice and more. 


La Cream by Daarzel

Packaging Design

La Crema by Daarzel is a product line of high quality dessert toppings and spreads.

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